The process of rubber powder production from steel wire tires

Tire cutting Rolling out the tire bead wire Coarse Crushing Moderate Crushing

Fine Grinding

Magnetic Separation Further Fine Grinding Filtering

Using Q-1200 Tire Cutter. To cut the whole tire into 2 tire sidewall and 1 tire bead.
Using NS-15 Tire bead wire rolling machine. To crush and separate the steel wire and rubber of waste tires.
Using PT-1000 Tire Crusher. After process , to break the sidewall and the tire crown into rubber pieces of 50mm50mm.
Using TP-700 Grinder. To crush the rubber pieces of 50cm50cm to rubber particles of 15mm.
Using 55kw Grinder. To crush rubber particles of 15mm to rubber powder of 15-30mesh (1-2mm).
Using C200 Magnetic conveyor. To remove the steel wire while in the process .
Using ZM-22 Rubber Grinder. To further grinder the rubber powder of 15-30mesh to 40-80mesh.
Using LX-300 Centrifugal Machine. To filter the rubber powder from process , the unqualified products will be back to and be crushed again, qualified products can be packaged.