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Products :: 55kw Grinder£¨Outsourcing£©
55kw Grinder£¨Outsourcing£©
Place of Origin : Outsourcing
Model Number : 55kw
Minimum Order Quantity : 1 Set/Sets
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability:
Product Description

Use: For crushing rubber blocks, rubber materials.

Features:   1¡¢Being made of cold hard alloy cast iron, the roll wears well. The rolls have 3
                      types: double-channeled roll, single-channeled roll and double-smooth roll.
                2¡¢The safety shut-down in manual operation is set, with the function of automatic
                     or crawl back swing the roll.
                3¡¢Convenient range adjustment is set in manually operation. The whole machine
                     adopts channel bottom head for convenient carrying and maintenance.

Technical parameters:

Power Roll dia*
Front roll speed
Roll velocity ratio Volume of
Weight Size
55kw 450*600 17.15 1:1.38 3-5 mesh

600-800 kg/h
7.7 t 3.5*1.7*1.9m
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