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About us
        Jiangyin Wanlu Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of rubber recycling. According
to market demands, we research and develop series of
grinders to dispose waste rubber.
        Our main products are Q-1200 Tyre Cutter, QT-40
Bar Cutter, Slabbing Machine, NS-15 Tyre Bead Wire Rolling Machine, LS-400/500 Coarse Grinder, TP-700 Grinder, PT-1000 Tyre crusher, PT-350 Tyre Grinder,LX-300 Centrifugal
Machine, C200 Magnetic Conveyor, ZS-800 Strong Vibrate Screen, ZM-22 Superfine Rubber Grinder, 250 Rubber Amputator, 900 Tyre Wire Drawer, B-700 Stripping Machine, Splitter,
fittings and related products.
        Since being supplied in the market, our equipment has been well received. It is especially popular for reliable functions and the quality has also been winning acclaim. Moreover, our
superior after sales service and reputation are worthy of customers' trust. Our products have been sold to buyers from Europe, the Middle East, Central Asia, Southeast Asia, US, Japan,
Korea and other countries and regions. More and more new products are being released in
the market. In addition, we'd like to design and make related equipment in accordance with
customers' demands.
         For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us. Buyers are welcome to
browse our website: www.ch-wanlu.com Welcome to visit our company and rubber powder
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Crushing steel Tyre
Cutting steel Tyre
Grinding the Tyre inner
PT-350 Tyre Grinder
PT1000 Tyre Crusher
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