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Three pages in all, Current is the first
   The recycling of the old and useless tyre has already had a history of dozens of years in our
country. Along with the fast development of the rubber trade in our country and more scarce
of resource in recent years, the price of rubber has been maintaining very high price all the
time  after rising price in a large extent. Therefore the market of applying recycled glue and
glue powder are greater and greater, It become the indispensable important composition part
of rubber trade. Have caused the rising price in a large extent of the old and useless tyre, The
old and useless tyre thinked to be harmed environment and sanitation has been turning into
one scarce resource. But the most enterprise producing recycled glue and glue powder that
limitation of the mechanical equipment can only crush oblique tyre such as fibre tyre,and no
way to recycle steel wire tyre. 
   The popularization and use of the steel wire tyre are many years in our country in history,it
is sturdy, durable, and rapid in development, so it take up greater and greater proportion in
the tyre trade. However due its sturdy and containing 20-30%of the steel wires of this tyre,
it is more difficulty to crushe, and the hard of steel wire bring even more difficulty. For now
the crushing of steel wire tyre belongs to a difficult problem in the world.
   Our company collects the experience of crushing old and useless rubber for ten years,make
efforts for several years, have succeeded in developing the production line of crushing the
steel wire tyre, Through our real use, have reached and exceed our own designing
requirement,and have practicability even more.
2ӢThe type and structure of the tyre:
   Generally, the tyre can be divided into for oblique rubber tyre (fibre tyre), the whole steel
wire tyre and half a steel wire tyre three major types. Only there are thick steel wires in the
tyre bead department in the oblique tyre, other position is the fibre. The whole steel wire tyre
have the steel wire from bead to crown, distributed interior layer and middle level inside, The
tyre of more than 900 types generally belongs to this kind. The half a steel wire tyre is having
steel wire distributed in middle level and interior, its crwon have two layer steel meshed cloth,
so very firm, but the sidewall part does not include the steel wire. This type tyre is generally
used in the car tyre under 650 types, minivan's tyre belong to this kind of tyre basically.
3ӢMain component of the equipment
   1£©One Q-1200 Tyre Cutter Use: Before use the machine cut off the tyre crown to a belt 
Along the joined (place this have no steel wire ) of tyre crown and sidewall, manual cut the
tyre to tyre crwon.
   2£©One TP-700 Grinder Use: Feed the tyre belt into this machine and crush it to 2-8 mesh
meanwile crush more than 95% of the steel wires to 1-3cm once and for all, two belts can
generally be processed at the same time .
   3£©Two LS-500 Coarse Grinders Use: re-crush the materials that crushed by TP-700
Grinder to 4-15 mesh rubber particles and separate steel wire further at the same time, after
crushed by this machine, the content of steel wire in rubber particles can be about to 1”ė.
   4£©One LS-400 Coarse Grinder Use: It further sort out the rubber particle from the steel
wire that produced by TP-700 type and the LS-500 type machine, After this procession,
the content of rubber particle in steel wire should being about 5%.
   5£©Two whirlwinds collectors (fibre is separated ) Use:In the process of TP-700 type
machine,LS-500 type machine and the crushing of LS-400 type machine,it will produce
certain fibre and dust in the course, utilize this equipment to suck out and store crushing fibre and dust , such make a good production environment.
   6£©Two ZS-800 Strong Vibrate Screens Use: After crushed by LS-500 type machine, it
is used to sift and graded the glue grain, also remove some fibres.
   7£©Six C200 Magnetic Conveyors Use: After TP-700 type, LS-500 type, LS-400 type,
separate steel wires from rubber particles and transport.
   8£©One 3kw air pressure machine (self-made) Use: Cool the TP-700 Grinder.
   9£©One or two 900 Tyre Wire Drawer Use: Pull out the thick steel wire from the tyre
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