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4ӢMain performance of the equipment
   1£©Raw materials: mainly fit small-type tyre as half a steel wire or whole steel wire tyre
         through separating into the tyre crwon and tyre sidewall.
   2£©Finished product: rubber particles, size 4-10mm.
   3£©The content of steel wire in the finished product should be about 99.9%.
   4£©The content of rubber in the product of steel wire should be about 5% .
   5£©The rubber particles' size under 3-10mm , most fibres are mixed with rubber particles, but fibres and dust independent from rubber can be able to be removed.
5ӢThe equipment's total power 164KW(resolve as follows)
   1)   The host machine of TP-700 is 75KW
   2)   LS-400 and LS-500 Coarse Grinder's total power are 66KW
   3)   The draw of steel wire machine is 4KW
   4)   Other power is 23. 2KW
   5)   According to the above situation, the most consumption of power to produce 1 ton rubber
         particles should be about 80kw, if dealing with 2 ton per hour, the most consumption of
         power should be below 150kw/h.
6Ӣthe machinery wastage
   1£©the main wear and tear is the cutter, the number of cutter of a complete set of equipment
is 60, among the TP-700 type machines are 24,300 yuan worth for each;among the LS-500 type
machines are 24, 70 yuan worth for each; among LS-400 type machines are 12, 300 yuan
wotrh for each. according to the designing requirement and trying it out, under the normal
situation,each pair of cutter service life should be about 1000 tons, such each ton cost of 15
   2£©Other wear and tear of machinery : Including bearing, trigonometry bringing, screen
mesh, electric equipment,etc., each ton is calculated with 2-5 yuan.
   3£©The equipment always wear down under 20 yuan per ton Note: Above is not including
greater wastage brought about by mistake operation.
7ӢBenefit budget
   1)  Raw materials(tire)650 yuan per ton ( the price at reach factory)
   2)  The consumption of electricity : 100 (KW)0.65=65
   3)  Artificial: 60-80 yuan per ton, calculate with 70 yuan / ton
   4)  Packaging: 30 yuan per ton
   5)  Machinery wastage : 20 yuan per ton
   6)  Consume 5% calculate 32 yuan, the above adds up to 867 yuan
   7)  Finished product: Micelle 4-10 millimeter calculate 750kg, is 900 yuan to calculate with
each (it is 1000 yuan reference market)
   8)  Steel wire 245kg, it is worth 367.5 yuan (it is 1500 yuan per ton calculate at the price of
scrap iron), In all it is 900+367.5-867 = 400, each ton's benefit should be in 400 yuan, deduct
60 yuan per ton of other expenses, poor benefit is about 340 yuan per ton
   9)  Produce for 8 hours calculate with every day, can deal with 12-16 tons of tire, so obtain
4080 yuan calculated with 12 tons Note: The above can't be treated to calculate the scheme as the same, should determine objectively according to your local actual conditions.

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