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Jiangyin Wanlu Machine Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.

Address£º Beiqian Village, Zhutang Town, Jiangyin City, Jiangsu Province, China
Tel £º        86-510-86384909
Mobile :     13515198899
Fax £º       86-510-86384909
Email £º    wanlu@ch-wanlu.com
Contact£º Mr. King 
Zip£º        214415
Website:     www.ch-wanlu.com

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Dealing with waste Tyres
Crushing steel Tyre
Cutting steel Tyre
Grinding the Tyre inner
PT-350 Tyre Grinder
PT1000 Tyre Crusher
Academic Documents
The Re-use feasibility
report of crushing wire Tyre
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Mobile: 13771293934
Tel: 86-510-86384909
Fax: 86-510-86384909
Mail: wanlu@ch-wanlu.com
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Profession manufacture of rubber powder production equipment
Jiangyin Wanlu Machine Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.